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A Crack in Her Hidden Fortress ~ Book III

 The third book in the love story series of romance novels, The Secret Tales of Unterhausen, is another erotic novel -  ‘A Crack In Her Hidden Fortress’, which takes place shortly after Maxi reveals her true feelings out loud and slips the words “I love you, Tommy”. 

The conflict had been raging inside of her between the two Realities she had been living. One where she played the role of mother, which she had surrendered to and accepted. Simultaneously, she had to play the role of happy housewife for the outside world, which she refused to surrender. The façade in her mind was to protect her family, colleagues and villagers from her Reality. 

It was a heavy burden for such an adventurous soul. One that she knew deep inside, there was something more, something missing… and then He came back in her life. At first, He was just a Fantasy. Someone so far away and unreachable.

However, when the soul is hungry, the heart will feed. Tommy managed to become closer to Maxi than all others in her life, although He was positioned 6,000 kilometers away. Each night He would place her in bed and make love to her body, mind and soul. She could no longer handle the stress of looking at her husband, while her heart, and more importantly, her pussy were given to another man.

But, Maxi was a different breed. One that possessed amazing qualities of “the sunshine”, “the life of the party”, “the one to turn to”… Sadly, her marriage was not the only façade. Maxi was excellent at portraying the face she needed, but the voices in her head and the ghosts in her closet, where nothing compared to the Narcissistic demons in her soul. She had had no one to turn to… until He came back into her life.

Behind each lie, there was a hint of truth. Behind each secret, a glimpse of Reality. To date, nobody had the key to unlock the Fortress in which she had hidden all of the shadows…until He came along…again.

It isn’t wise to keep secrets or to tell lies to a curiously thinking man. When his brain detects things are out of order, that something is not right… then his brain will not stop working, until the puzzle is solved. Sometimes a sorry just isn’t enough.

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The series dives deep into the dysfunction of a Love Triangle within a Marital Affair.

Is their Love strong enough to endure?

Will the Erotica be enough to outweigh the pain of Lies?

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