My Work & Inspiration

I have been writing stories in my head since I was a little boy. Along the way of life, I have paid attention to things that most people walk by without noticing. Now that I am slightly older, I have decided to put pen to paper, or fingertips to keyboard, and share these stories as a writer. My hope is that you enjoy reading the stories as much as I do writing them.

The most important aspect of being an author is to please the reader. The best way to reach other readers, is to have my readers leave a review and recommend my writings to others. My goal is to become one of the best known american authors of our time. Help me achieve this goal by sharing your comments, reviews and recommendations at (action button below), on my Facebook Page at and through your Amazon account at


Our Oceans

Please take care of our oceans. From the food you choose to put on your plate (sustainable) to the food you choose to purchase (plastic or Styrofoam) to the items you use only once (disposable) and throw away, we all need to ensure the safety and prosperity of our oceans.


Join Author's Journey

For all of my Animal Loving friends and family, thank you. Please protect our furry buddies, regardless of species. We are all family.