The Secret Tales of Unterhausen Series

The Secret Tales of Unterhausen  book series is based on a False Reality, a Real Fantasy and a True Story. Each book is a romance story filled with love & lust while dusted with dysfunction, lies, deception and erotica. 

If you possess the ability to Fantasize, to fall in Love, to feel Anger beyond reason and Joy to new levels, then welcome to the series. Be prepared to experience the full spectrum of emotions and then some.

The Rekindle - the INTRODUCTION opens during the summer of 2014 with a simple Friendship Request on Facebook sent from a city boy from Boston, USA to an old girlfriend in a small village in Unterhausen, Germany. It begins with typical dialogue of old friends getting reacquainted chatting privately on Messenger. Although the story unfolds in the present day, the characters have a history. A history that began on Cape Cod, continued across the Atlantic and wasn’t finished, yet.

Maxi has always been a flirt, a coquette, and she hasn't changed, even as a wife and mother of three small boys. Quickly the dialogue turns from simple pleasantries to highly suggestive flirting. All the while, maintaining contact only via text messages on WhatsApp and provocative handwritten letters. Although feelings and desires were freely expressed, many secrets were deeply hidden behind the walls ad in her mind. You will look into their souls, their hearts, their minds, their bedrooms and even their Closets. With their love ignited, once again, The Rekindle has begun. The Cracks in Her Hidden Fortress will soon be revealed. The Secrets She Keeps will not withstand His curiosity and persistence.  When Her two worlds collide, she will be faced to confront The Past, The Present & The Future.

To describe this as a Romance novel, would be accurate, but incredibly misguiding. To describe it as an Erotic novel, would be missing the point. To describe it as a story of a gripping, dysfunctional relationship would only be touching the surface. It’s heart warming and heart wrenching. 

The author has placed an additional Twist 🌪 on the manuscript. He allows the male character to offer insightful thoughts 💭 from the future in Real Time.

None of these books are intended or suitable for children. None of these narrations are intended to understand the Narcissist in your relationship. If you take prescription medications that alter chemical compounds in your brain to maintain, adjust or monitor your emotions, then please seek medical approval prior to reading even the first book. You may find it difficult to distinguish Reality from Fantasy, the Truth from a Lie, and Right from Wrong.

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