The Secret Tales of Unterhausen - Original Series


The Secret Tales of Unterhausen - Book I

 What happens when you find a lost phone and begin reading the steamy exchanges between two strangers?

At first you are looking to see who the phone belongs to, but you get drawn in to reading their story and development of their relationship. 

You feel awkward, almost dirty and invading their privacy...but you can't stop reading.

The Secret Tales of Unterhausen Series


If you are still here, then you will have dipped your feet in the water. If you are curious and brave enough to read The Rekindle - the INTRODUCTION, then you will have gone up to your knees with the waves gently pushing you back to shore. If you choose to read on after the The Rekindle - the INTRODUCTION, then you will have swam past the breakers into the open ocean. There are no life guards on duty to help you and there are always dangers when swimming in the ocean...especially after dark. Swim at your own risk.


The Secret Tales of Unterhausen - Book II

Suddenly you find yourself deep into their dysfunctional, loving & erotic turmoil of a relationship. Their exchanges draw you in. You feel confused, betrayed, happy, sad and bewildered. The bedroom room scenes have moved way beyond any resemblance of just a friendship. How can this relationship possibly last? Is it really real to begin with in the first place? You find yourself excited, turned on, angry at them both, laughing, crying, hopeful, yet in despair. How can this happen?

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