Maxi the Wife & the Mistress - Book II

 The Secret Tales of Unterhausen book series is based on a False Reality, a Real Fantasy and a True Story.

The second book in the series ‘Maxi the Wife & the Mistress’, picks up where ‘The Rekindle - the Introduction’ novella left off. Maxi had received her Lustful fourth letter, continuing with my interpretation of my dream, which became Our story, Her Fantasy and My Reality.

The letters, unbeknownst to me, had been delivered to Her parents’ house, in order to avoid Her husband, Qualle, from seeing Her mail. She had just finished a long walk in the woods and was racing home to open the letter.

Buckle up, as Maxi settles into her warm bath 🛀 and re-reads Letter #3. You may want to do the same, or cuddle up in front of a fire 🔥 under a blanket with a nice glass of wine 🍷

Where are these letters leading them? Will she find the courage to finally leave her husband and get on with her life? Or will she continue the charade and put on the façade of the happy wife?

Will the real Maxi please stand up?

How long do you think before Tommy becomes suspicious that something doesn’t feel right?

Character names and certain identifiers have been changed to protect the Innocent, the Young and those unaware of how History 📜 is writing ✍ itself every day. 

There are those of us that are Observers and those that are Oblivious to what is Happening right in front of them.

It's time for their love story to be shared to all that those that are brave enough or dumb enough to dare to love a narcissist. Best of luck~


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