... just a peek into The Secret Tales of Unterhausen

This is just the beginning...without that first kiss, there would be no story to tell 

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The Secret Tales of Unterhausen book series is based on a False Reality, a Real Fantasy and a True Story

The novella to begin the series ‘The Rekindle – the Introduction’, which takes place split between two continents and spans almost two decades. It begins in a simpler time of life, without cell phones, when human interaction happened in person. It evolves into the modern world of technology, which has made the world a smaller place with instant and constant contact available. 

With all technological advances there are positive and negative aspects to the advancements of mankind. The Industrial Revolution brought upon a major advancement for mankind and its ability to produce far greater than ever before or needed, but at what cost to humanity and the environment? The Atom bomb was created to end World War II, which it did, but at what cost to mankind, especially in Japan? The modern-day Social Media connects us all, but isolates our tongues and shares our silent thoughts, breeding contempt, Tempting Faith and Lust. The price that mankind will pay for this advancement, is yet to be seen.

The story unfolds from the perspective of the charismatic male character, Tommy Clancy born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts USA. The city boasts a population of over 600 million residents. You will be introduced to the beautiful female character, Markella “Maxi” Foalmer from Unterhausen, Germany. A small village with a population of roughly 600 residents. 

Was their first meeting a mere coincidence or was it their destiny unfolding in front of them? Now that they have moved on in life, started families, have careers and hold tiny little patches of land in their possession…how will they handle their reconnection with their new lives? 

They had one thing in common, their love. Their desire and longing to be together was intense and relentless. However, their two lives could not be more different.

Sometimes life presents a challenge. Sometimes life offers options. Sometimes life chooses for you. Some people believe in those choices. Some people refuse to obey.

Character names and certain identifiers have been changed to protect the Innocent, the Young and those unaware of how History 📜 is writing ✍ itself every day. There are those of us that are Observers and those that are Oblivious to what is Happening right in front of them.


This is where it all begins. Chances are if you open this door, that you will walk through it and you will not turn back.

This Novella will lead you on a path where you will question reality, right from wrong and up from down. All you need to begin your journey is to select which platform: 

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